Not even turning the light off
Works to get you off my thoughts
While sleeping in my lonely bed
I long for your presence
And when I turn around
I extend my arms
Towards the emptiness that you once occupied
I extend my arms seeking affection
Seeking an escape of reality
But it’s a feeling

That I cannot believe in.

For when I close my eyes,
I see that complicit look,
as you loose your hair.
The complicit look as you kiss my lips,
and soon that look in your eyes,
becomes a distant spot in my mind

that I recall all the time.

These memories are a drug
to which I’m dependant.
These memories are rogue
and hurl through my feels
These memories are so painful
they don’t let me sleep
Because they remind me that you belong to someone else
And in our forbidden romance
loving you was a mistake
that I should have left

forgotten and casted away.

dépendance: a french word that means addiction or dependence on a habit. Sometimes we also have a dependence on people too.

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