A poem about stars

I saw a lonely star
And your face was there
Looking me back and warming me up
This lonely star was the sun
that lonely rose
From behind the mountains
Where we used to go
And that illuminated the street
That we used to cross
To go to work together
Where one sad day
You said «i love you»

I saw a thousand stars
In the fiery night
Everywhere I looked i saw
Our adventures taking shape on the sky
I saw places where we hanged out
I heard your sweet voice
In my ears, saying
«Look at the stars when you think you might forget me»

I kept looking, and saw a billion stars
That spelled your name
And then i saw the entire Galaxy
And saw your face
I kept looking until the stars faded
The morning after
I went to your grave
And remembered all of those good nights

I still yearn
To be together
The only thing we have left
will forever shine in a thousand years
Or until our memory fades.

I saw a star on a lonely night…

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