some days are worse than others

those bad days i find myself longing to feel you

missing your stupid smile

and your not-so-stupid face

those days i wish i was by your side

together laughing at some dumb joke i made

or at one of your weird sentences that always end in «u know?«

i miss you really, today more than never

and tomorrow i will miss you more

i remember when this started, when we grew apart

some days i wish i had a time machine to correct the past

or just to kiss you one more time

we are so far away its like we are separated by this fog

of uncertainty and mystery and fear and loss

some days i lose myself in this fog

looking for your tenderness and love

some days i lose myself in a tornado of feelings

and stare at the mirror until i don’t see myself

just someone who doesn’t know what’s what anymore

who needs a hug to drown all sorrows from yesterday

and always expects a «good morning» that never comes

some days i miss you,


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