Across the great blue sky

good, white clouds move around,

wind runs free,

playing hide and seek,

with the leaves that fall from the trees.

Birds fly home,

whatever home might be.

On the deep oceans,

water flows mellow,

islands rise and fall,

with the roar of a giant fireball,

or with the whisper of a secret well kept.

Life flourishes in the bright darkness,

and beyond the yellow sun, there are only fishes and many monsters we will never see,

because they will never approach the quiet surface of the sea.

Over the green grass,

bees fly, ants crawl and people flee,

to the great cities, full of concrete.

Flowers sprout in the middle of the street,

and move around to watch the veiled sun,

in a city full of smoke, desires, hope and madness.

Across the infinite space,

across black, yellow, blue, green, all colour space.

across atoms dividing themselves,

and protons trying to stay away,

and neutrons holding hands,

stars are born in a lighting spark.

Comets fly beyond the eye,

galaxies clash in a thousand stars,

and between all of that order and despair,

and chaos everywhere,

universes fall,

and universes are born

and one of them is the one we call home.

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